Application Case

Haiwell solution for the wireless communication of the table printing machine

Supports remote uploading and downloading of HMI and PLC, convenient for engineer remotely maintain devices.

Haiwell automatic hanging cloth machine solution

Using Haiwell PLC to control equipment, reduce labor costs, improve the efficiency of the equipment output.

Haiwell IIoT Application in mooncake packaging machine from Malaysia

Intelligent alarm, Remote monitoring, Saves cost and improves efficiency.

Haiwell application in surgical mask machine production line

With an virus in China now, masks are in short supply. Haiwell and distributor users are committed to industry solutions and share mask application solutions.

Haiwell Application in coal mining industry at ZA

By using Haiwell PLC in the CPP application, achieve a low cost PLC with fast processing power and large remote I/O function with strong communication platform exceeding 600 I/O points with ease.

Haiwell application in UV coating production line bus Control

In this scheme, there are 15 sets of single machine equipment, including 2 dust removers...

Haiwell PLC Application in Aquaculture at Mexico

Haiwell PLC Application in Blower oxygenation system control for fish & shrimp aquaculture

Haiwell PLC in tuna fishing boat at Mexico

Using Haiwell PLC for HACCP and Quality Control in tuna fishing boat, for water tank temperature monitoring

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