Haiwell PLC is a versatile high-performance programmable logic controller, which is widely used in plastics, packaging, textiles, food, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, municipal, printing, building materials, elevators, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tools and other fields of systems and control equipment. In addition to its own various peripheral interfaces (digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, high-speed counter, high-speed pulse output channels, power supply, communication ports, etc.), it is also expandable with all types of extension modules for felixable configuration.

Haiwell company owns the full independent intellectual property rights over both its hardware and software products, all products can be customized according to customer’s requirements to meet the different needs of various industries.

7 Characteristics

● Quality Guarantee: In accordance with IEC-61131 international standard develop

● Independent Property Rights:  independent intellectual property rights, OEM/ODM are supported

● Built-In Simulator: Built-in  simulator programming software, easy to study and easy to use

● Motion Control: Support linear interpolation, ARC interpolation, original point return, backlash compensation, electric original point redefine

● High Openness: Support 5 communication ports simultaneous working, may constitute N:N network

● Communication Function: Support Modbus RTU/ASCII, Haiwellbus high speed protocol, freedom protocol

● Distributed IO: Module with built-in communication port can be installed distributedly as a remote IO unit

Haiwell PLC diagram