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What should be paid attention to when connecting the H32DT sensor and displaying the temperature value?

2016-08-17 14:15:01 haiwell

1. After H32DT module is power-on, if the channel does not connect with any sensor, the indicator will be off. Connect to the sensor in sequence. Read the temperature value and write them to register in sequence (channel 1 is CR16 ~ 31, channel 2 is CR32 ~ 47), the interval time of sensor access must be greater than 10 seconds. The ranking of the sensor is of Power-off preserve, the replacement of any sensor doesn’t affect the other sensors’ sequence.

2. If all the sensors in the channel are disconnected, the channel indicator will be off, the 16 temperature values in the channel all will show the maximum value of 1250.

3. If a sensor fails in the channel, then the channel indicator will flash as an alarm. The alarm information is stored in CR51 and CR50.

4. When the H32DT module is used for the first time, if the channel is power-on after access to more than one sensor, the module will automatically search out all the sensors, and write them to the register in random order. Thus, we suggest that access to the sensor according to the order of method 1, then it will be able to know the corresponding CR code of temperature value about the sensor.