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Haiwell Application in boiler & heating system with remote monitoring

2019-01-29 09:30:05 market

The boiler heating and heat exchange system, in the case of a bathing center, mainly includes: shower system, pool injection system, heat source system, geothermal system, steaming system,etc. From the aspect of control, it can be subdivided into water tank control (high temperature water tank, constant temperature water tank, hot spring water tank, cold water tank); variable frequency pressure control: water pressure control, geothermal pressure, geothermal second stage pressure (pressure control is mainly controlled by controller PID, Real-time automatic adjustment), as well as control of liquid level, temperature, valve switch, etc. 

In addition, it also needs friendly human-computer interaction, and the human-machine interface HMI needs to meet the following requirements:

● There are flow chart, actual position installation diagram and schematic diagram on the screen, which can display real-time temperature, pressure, liquid level value, valve, motor switch status, etc. The whole system can be controlled manually and automatically, parameters can be changed and alarm information can be displayed.

● The whole system can be monitored on the computer. the screen display the actual temperature, pressure, liquid level value, valve, motor switch status, etc.the whole system can be automatically controlled manually, parameters can be changed, and alarm information can be displayed.

● Remote computer, mobile APP can view the system status. 

● The alarm information can be sent to the specified mobile phone number through the mobile phone module.


Figure 1 Partial scene view of the bath center

1. The scheme hardware configuration

1) C7 touch screen: 7-inch TFT screen, 800x480 resolution, A8 CPU, 4G Flash, 512M RAM. support:

● Serial / U disk / SD card / Ethernet / Haiwell cloud and other methods to download;

● Iintelligent management, support cloud / mobile phone access control, strong operability;

● Iriginal A/B Key security mechanism, multi-language automatic translation, engineering overview interface;

● Integrate Haiwell Cloud service and built-in Haiwell cloud engine; remotely implement mobile APP, computer cloud website, SMS alarm and map positioning.

2) Haiwell PLC T series standard PLC, can expand 7 modules, comes with one RS232, one RS485 port, two 200K high-speed pulse input, two 200K high-speed pulse output, the program is permanently saved, the program capacity is 48K The instructions are rich and fully meet the requirements of on-site logic control.

3) Q17 Haiwell IPC industrial computer

● Linux system, 17-inch TFT screen, 1280 × 1024 resolution;

● Intel i3 processor, 4G DDR3, 32G SSD, 4*COM (1*RS485), 1*RJ-45 interface (1000MB)

● 4*USB, 1*VGA, 1*HDMI

● 3, optional WIFI, aluminum alloy casing, industrial ATX power supply.

2. Schematic diagram of the scheme network


Figure 2 field PLC HMI electric cabinet

3. The scheme introduction

The control system consists of 6 cabinets, three PLC control systems, and a host with several modules. The specific PLC configuration is as follows:

● Field Control Cabinet 1# Configuration: T60S0R-e + H40XDR + S08AI + S08AI + S08AO

● Field Control Cabinet 2# Configuration: T48S0R-e + H24XDR + H40DI

● Field Control Cabinet 3# Configuration: T60S0R-e + H64XDR + H40DI


Figure 3 Assembly site cabinet (the right picture shows the control cabinet 1#)


Figure 4 equipment field cabinet


Figure 5 Field heating and heat exchange pipeline

4. Part of the program

1) HMI part program


Figure 6 Boiler room monitoring screen


Figure 7 Boiler room operation screen

2) PLC part program


Figure 8 TIME instruction to achieve automatic timer switch


Figure 9 PID instruction pressure control

5. Successful cases

● Xi'an Fengcheng Bath Center


Figure 10 Xi'an Fengcheng Bath Center Mobile APP Monitoring

● Shandong Pingyin Bath Center


Figure 11 Shandong Pingyin Bath Center Mobile APP Monitoring

● Qingdao Jimo Bath Center


Figure 12 Qingdao Jimo Bath Center Mobile APP Monitoring

● Henan Jiaozuo Bath Center


Figure 15 Henan Jiaozuo Bath Center Mobile APP Monitoring

6. Summary of the scheme

● The scheme requires on-site multi-channel pipeline water pressure and temperature control. Haiwell PLC can support 32-channel PID+32-channel auto-tuning APID+32-channel FTC. The PID loop is more, the control effect is good, and the on-site pressure can be controlled in real time. Especially APID self-tuning,  easy temperature control at the scene, auto-tuning parameters, saving commissioning time for field engineers, control accuracy meets requirements.

● The Ethernet PLC is selected in the field. The Ethernet PLC supports multiple upper computers to access at the same time. At the same time, the Ethernet interface can also be used as the primary station to access other devices.It can be used as a master or as a slave to facilitate debugging.

● Through the Haiwell touch screen,the user can remotely download the HMI program, firmware upgrade, historical data record export and other operations.

● Through Haiwell touch screen can also remotely download the PLC program, firmware upgrade, monitoring and PLC information diagnosis.

● On-site liquid level, pressure, and pump overload alarm information can be transmitted to the touch screen machine owner and the administrator mobile phone in time, and sent to the user in the manner of APP message push. If the app is not running in the background, it will send the message to the user.