IIoT Solutions

Haiwell PLC HMI remote monitoring microwave sterilization solution

Users can remotely monitor the working status, parameters, power, fan start and stop of the microwave disinfection equipment through Haiwell Cloud APP and cloud website.

Haiwell IoT Management System Solution for Vegetable Production based on Cloud Data Center

Multi-point centralized control has become a necessary part of production management

Haiwell IIOT Solution for unattended smart car washing machine

Haiwell IoT terminal support mobile payment function, can access Alipay and WeChat payment system. It is easy to usein various charging systems.

Haiwell IIOT Solution of Intelligent Toilet

Haiwell Cloud intelligent toilets combined with the IOT network transmission and remote control technology.

Haiwell IIOT Solution of Smart Breeding

Haiwell PLC/HMI/Cloud/Mobile APP Application in Modern Aquaculture

Haiwell IIOT Solution of Intelligent Fire System

Haiwell PLC/ Cloud Camera /IPC Fire Alarm System & Remote Monitoring Solution

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