Application Case

Haiwell PLC used in photo-voltaic power generation

Introduction: Photo-voltaic power generation is using solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity according to the principle of photo-voltaic effect. It is widely used in the field of tr

Haiwell PLC Connect to PC manual

This user guide explains how to connect the haiwell plc withpc via a RS232 port of the PLC.The Desktop or laptop computer should have aserial port of DB9. Or the user have to use the USB to RS232 conv

Haiwell PLC’s Application Skill: Long-time Timing Reminder

1. Introduction:In many engineering applications, people always hope that the system can have the time reminder function, no need for man to timing. Nowadays many PLCs already has this function.But th

Haiwell PLC’s Application skill: Recipe Control Function

Haiwell PLC’s recipe control function:The recipe management control is often needed in the production process. The so-called recipe control is using different control parameters according to the diffe

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