Haiwell HMI/ CBOX/ IPC MQTT Configuration Guide

For more information, please check Haiwell HMI/ CBOX/ IPC MQTT Configuration Guide

How is PLC online with a laptop ?

1. With the [USB-RS232 serial conversion line]2. Correctly install the driver of [USB-RS232 serial conversion line]3. First do not insert the 【USB-RS232 serial conversion line】 to the computer's U

How to make the remote module and PC online?

Click on online which is inside the 【tools/remote module】option of the menu bar,the rest is same with the PLC online.

What are the common causes that make the PC unable to be online ?

1. Forget to get the plc power on, PLC indicator is power off(POWER). Then just get it power on again.2. The baud rate setting is wrong,and the default communication format of Haiwell PLC is :19200,8

How to deal with it if the PLC can’t be online with a laptop?

According to the above online steps for PLC and laptop,if there is no new serial port that comes out in the software,then the problem may be the failure of the installation of the driver So re-install

Pay attention to following problems for the PLC and PC online

1. Try to buy the 【USB - RS232 serial conversion line】with a famous brand ,for the quality can be guaranteed and the driver is stable2. Always use a same USB port, because after the replacement of dif

How is the PLC online with the desktop PC?

The default communication format of Haiwell PLC is :19200,8 N 2.Click on the "PLC online"which is in the PLC option of the menu bar,and choose the right PC port, select baud rate, the data f

It comes PC ports options when making the plc online, how to choose, what are the differences between these ports?

Haiwell PLC programming software can automatically judge how many ports can be used in the computer.The port has no difference (except the PC), all are available for downloading and can be online. For

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