Other Solutions

Haiwell PLC HMI four-head filling machine-wiggling cover machine solution

Widely used in daily chemical, oil and other industries, can be used for filling with different high viscosity fluids.

Haiwell used in hot spring bath center

Haiwell solution-one PLC with multple screens used in hot spring bath center

Haiwell used in printing and dyeing setting machine solution

Haiwell used in printing and dyeing setting machine solution for synchronous control of 16 inverters

Haiwell Applicaiton in unmanned pumping station system

Haiwell Cloud camera can monitor the panoramic view and important stations in the station to realize unmanned.

Haiwell Application in boiler & heating system with remote monitoring

Computer & APP remote monitoring. Alarm info can be sent to the specified mobile phone number.

Haiwell PLC&HMI application in HVAC system of HSBC in Paris

Nowadays, the level of industrial automation has become an important symbol to measure the level of modernization. Automation has gradually permeate into production and daily life, such as elevators a

Haiwell PLC Application in Pakistan Power Projects

Pakistan has a long-term, all-weather and multi-sided development friendly relationship with China. Chinese call Pakistan “Ba Tie”, which means Pakistan is a strong and good partner of China. Since th

Haiwell remote I/O expansion application

With the continuous development of industrial technology, there are more requirements of remote I/O expansion application and it becomes more important. Especially of industries which are having lot o

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